24 December 2009

merry chrimi

hotel parisian, havana vieja

in other news, if you want to have a decent hustle down here got two words for you: christmas lights.  140 bootleg lights will cost you about $10 US. you can grab some better quality ones the week after christmas for pennies on the dollar, or about $0.60. so what you do is buy a bunch, then you hold em for a bit, then take em uptown and flip em, whatever whatever, and make your monies. yea.

life is a movie

cine la rampa

The 31st international havana film festival was on earlier this month, 20 cuban pesos (roughly under $1 US) got you 15 entrances.  Over 100 movies and shorts were shown, a great event that goes on every December, highly recommend it if you're around during that time. I was only able to catch 5 this year, kind of sad, of those 1 was good, Mapa de sonidos de Tokyo (Sound map of Tokyo), the other 4 were ranged from horrible, to confusing to so-so. 

too cool for you

kool and the gang, of "celebrate" and "hollywood swinger" fame, came down to cuba to rock out in the Antimperialist Tribunal, which happens to be in front of the US Interest Section. It was good. Kool says whats up.

no toilet paper, ha!

we got toilet paper for days.

06 December 2009

busy busy

been busy with things out here. christmas break is coming up soon. photographs will be made, adventures will be had, things will be posted.

stay tuned.