25 October 2009

i live in a free country

the writing on the wall.

21 October 2009

insect bites, ninja fights

i was bit the other night by either a scorpion, a hornet, or bee.
the result was my hand swelling up to that of an inflated rubber glove.
i´m not exactly sure what bit me, but it was bad and i´m going to assume i´m allergic to things.
i forgot to take a photo, but it was pretty funny, if i get bit again it will be documented.

havana graffiti pics coming soon.

03 October 2009

The Fuster Gallery

Being one of a number of US Students (not a large number but 100+)  studying medicine in Cuba, not study abroad through a US university but actually living here and studying for long term (6 years minimum), gives us the opportunity to meet people we would most likely not have met back home (last year I met the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa) as well as the opportunity to see a lot of new and interesting things. Today we were invited by some visitors to Cuba to an art Gallery right down the highway from where we live to have lunch and talk at the Fuster Gallery. The meal was great, the conversation better, and the art work of Fuster was amazing. He does ceramic and mosaic work and has grown his work out of his house and into his neighborhood. Amazing stuff. I asked if I could come back to photograph, he said "any time" so look for more photos from this amazing place in the future. If you make it to Cuba you need to check out the Fuster Gallery in Jaimanitas.