15 August 2009

a fresh start

A lot has been going on recently. Some trips here and there, photographs made (both digital and film), tons of new people met, lots of thoughts on the mind. I changed up LazyLatino.com, removed the old blog with all of its content (thus the fresh start) and linked to a temporary portfolio site while I get something more official together (both portfolio-wise and hosting it). Some older entries may get republished here but for now we're going for fresh content, more photography, and keeping the masses informed of what's what wherever I happen to find myself and other things worth mentioning. So lets just jump right in.

air. outside tuba city, arizona, usa.

I lent the kid in the above photo a digital SLR I was hauling around with me while photographing the Salud SW Exchange, he's got potential. With some practice, some reading, and work he could be something else. When I head back out that way I'm going to try to have a camera for him, be it something official (which means a film SLR) or a point-and-shoot (film or digital), so he can keep shooting.